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In God's good time
Saturday, 08 March 2014

One thing I am beginning to understand is that things happen in God's good time. I hear from my first publisher this week that they wanted to put my very first novel on Ebooks. This little book, "Betrayal at Heaven's Gate" was the beginning of my writing career, but I had seen almost no sales and little interest for several years. Then, out of the blue Ebooks. In the last few weeks I have again Seen God's hand at work. My novel, "Edge of Disaster" is the beginning of my CIA agent Aristotle Tucker who appears in several of my later novels. At signings in the last year or so there has been little to no interest in Edge. But in the last week three people have bought this great adventure novel. Thus the lesson! Sometimes you just have to have patience. Give up on one title, and work on others while you wait for "hits" on the first one. Its a tough lesson to grasp, at least for me it is, but its really fun to see the Lord cause something to suddenly start to move. I pray God will bless you richly and start something "moving" for you. Lyle